Between the Two of You official launch

Between the Two of You is officially available on Amazon and Createspace!

I can´t believe I started this project almost 4 years ago now.

  • Here are the different ways to purchase a copy:


Directly on this website: Click on the shopping cart. Or leave a message.

  • Payments

Any doubts about the payment methods?

Amazon: If you already have an Amazon account, you can purchase directly from your account. The price of a paperback copy of the book is 11.99$USD, and the digital copy (e-book) is 1.99$USD.

Createspace: I strongly recommend this website to purchase a paperback copy. The price is set at 11.99$, but they do help authors to get a better royalty with their book. They have also been very supportive through all the publishing process.

Directly on this website: Leave a message. We can set up a way to get your paperback copy. Payments through PayPal are available and quite simple.

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